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We were skyping with voice and cam. I was in the cage. You ordered me to put a condom on it to catch all dripping precum for later. And while you were stroking yourself you made me fuck myself with the b1. I had to image it was you in my ass. Ofc you were semi. But soon you grew hard and I had to upgrade to the b2. My ass wasn’t used to having you in me. But you just kept plowing me till you were balls deep in me. And then you got really 110% rock and made me upgrade again.The condom was filling up with cum. My dick in agony to try and get hard. But I wasn’t allowed to unlock. You said if I wanted to shoot I should do it while being locked and only by your huge cock in my ass. You have shot big shots of cum. You tell me I can try to do the same. After being fuck so long and having your stern voice in my ears I shoot. Well I dribble more cum in the condom. I get no relieve from the release. You take out your dick. Order me to take off the condom and empty it in my mouth. So I can taste my pathetic attempt to shoot.

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